François Ferrero: Inquiry of the Geneva 1980s’ Psychiatry Crisis 

Barry Blackwell’s response to François Ferraro’s reply to his comment


        François Ferraro’s reply concerning the Geneva Crisis gets to the root of the problem with a switch in 1980 from socialist to Right wing political power – presumably Republican or capitalist.

        This coincides precisely with an eight-year period of Republican political dominance under President Ronald Reagan in America. The legislation passed by Congress during that time, combined with other societal changes, created a zeitgeist leading to the corruption of the psychopharmaceutical industry that was also enabled by members of a complicit psychiatric profession with unchecked “conflicts of interest” (Blackwell 2016).

        This has resulted in the demise of ethical neuropsychopharmacology to the point where the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP), founded in 1961, is considering changing its by-laws and name to replace “Neuropsychopharmacology” with “Neuroscience and Psychiatry,” thus retaining the title ACNP.

        It will be interesting to hear if events in Geneva mirror those in America.



Blackwell B. Corporate corruption in the psychopharmaceutical industry. September 1, 2016.


August 29, 2019