Donald F. Klein, Max Fink, Edward Shorter and Thomas A. Ban: Comment exchange on Flagrant Catatonic Behavior
Carlos Hojaij’s response to Max Fink’s reply to his comment

            Thank you for considering my comments on “flagrant” and “subtle” catatonia.I am looking forward to reading your new book, which surely will bring more light to our knowledge. 

            In relation to your sentence “all early catatonia history is art and imagery, not medical science,” I may remind you that going back to the history of civilization (the one I most praise), before Hippocrates and Aristotle, the world was under the influenceof mythology constructed on stories based in real life. I suppose Psychiatry also had his valuable mythological period.  

As Petrarch wrote in “Triumph of Time”:   

“Time in his avarice steals so much away:

Men call it Fame; 'tis but a second death,

And both alike are strong beyond defence.

Thus doth Time triumph over the world and Fame.”



July 12, 2018