Donald F. Klein, Max Fink, Edward Shorter and Thomas A. Ban: Comment exchange on Flagrant Catatonic Behavior
Carlos Hojaij’s response to Donald F. Klein’s reply


            Dr. Klein, of course you did not miss the point in relation to a possible hypothesis for immunopathology as the major causal factor in catatonia. I do not have enough knowledge to venture into this field of research. I just inquired if anyone involved in this “debate" could question the ideas contained in the papers of Gjessing and Balint (Balint, Vincent, Meinck et al. 1966; Minde 2018).



Balint B, Vincent A, Meinck HM, Irani SR, Bhatia KP. Movement disorders with neuronal antibodies: syndromic approach, genetic parallels and pathophysiology.  Brain 2018; 141: 13–36.

Minde K. Periodic catatonia, a review with special reference to RolvGjessing. The Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal 1996; 11: 421-5.


December 27, 2018