Loss, Grief, and Betrayal: Psychiatric Survivors Reflect on the Impact of New Serotonin Study

James Coyne


Coyne response to Rybakowski




Thank you very much for coming to my rescue. I think the silence of others indicates some disagreement with points I will be making more forcefully in the near future.

Joanna Moncrieff claims hundreds of psychiatrists are in the Critical Psychiatry Network, but then provides a disclaimer that the network "is not able to respond to clinical queries or requests for referrals and it cannot give out names or contact details of its members."

A link to Peter Breggin’s website is one of only four the Critical Psychiatry Network offers for its members’ websites and blogs.

On the other hand, the list of network website "Critical Psychiatry related websites" is a real mixed bag, listing Mickey Nardo and some of Robert Whitaker’s Mad sites.

Check this blog out

Psychiatry, Fraud, and the Case for a Class-Action Lawsuit - Mad In America

And then there is Whitaker's recycling of claims about contemporary psychiatrists being Nazi eugenists because they study genetics of mental disorder.

You mention John Read. He has often been Moncrieff's co-author on papers about ECT. Whitaker takes his claims from sties more obviously tied to Scientology and softens them on one of the Mad sites.

I am in the process of sharing some of these materials with American elected and appointed officials and now have a referral to present them to the FBI. 

Wish me good luck if I use that because the FBI is now under high alert for attacks from dangerous people from the Philadelphia area, as shown in the following:

Pennsylvania a focus as FBI bolsters security over threats prompted by search of Trump’s home


I'll wave a white flag in approaching not the well-known building in Philly, but my referral is to an FBI branch office that they do not advertise but is a few miles from my house. It is concerned with foreign influence on American politics and has special investigatory and prosecutory capabilities for catching those who interfere from abroad.




October 20, 2022