David Janowsky:Cholinergic muscarinic mechanisms in depression and mania

Samuel Gershon’s comment on Hector Warnes’ response to David Janowsky’s reply to his comment


        Hector Warnes introduces the real basic question as to whether manipulating one transmitter, as Janowsky and we have done, does not “make a summer” or produces the complete answer about the mechanisms involved in mania and depression.

        However, my recent letter (Gershon 2020) on our work exploring the catecholamine theory in depression does seem to indicate that serotonin is more directly involved than norepinephrine, but that’s all. The systems in the brain are unfortunately more complicated than “one size fits all.”

        The acetylcholine studies and our serotonin studies contribute to the complexity of the problem.



Gershon S. Comments on collating document until Edward Shorter’s comment (David Janowsky: Cholinergic muscarinic mechanisms in depression and mania). inhn.org.controversies. March 12, 2020.


June 18, 2020