Barry Blackwell: The Baby and the Bathwater

Jay Amsterdam’s reply to Bruno Mueller-Oerlinghausen’s comment on Amsterdam’s comment on Edward Shorter’s comment 


Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful response. I am so glad that you found these most recent revelations on the corruption of clinical trials research and academic misconduct to be worthwhile to the field.

In this regard, I am taking the liberty of providing you twoadditional sourcesof a similar nature that may be of interest,although theyhave received less attention in the psychiatric and academic communities. These cases are no less egregious and corrosive toward evidence-based psychiatric medicine than the CIT-MD-18 case.


1.      Amsterdam JD, McHenry LB. Theparoxetine 352 bipolar trials. A study of medical ghostwriting. Int J Safety & Med 2012; 24: 221 -31.


2.      Amsterdam JD, McHenry LB, Jureidini JN. Industry corrupted medical trials. Psych Pols 2017; 516: 993 – 1008.


July 12, 2018