Barry Blackwell: Corporate Corruption in the Psychopharmaceutical Industry

Samuel Gershon’s Comment on Mark S. Kramer’s commentary on Barry Blackwell’s essay


            Mark Kramer’s commentary does enlarge on Barry Blackwell’s masterly opening of a big topic. However, although it seems to concentrate on CORRUPTION and its relation to psychopharmacology and Big Pharma, it has spread as a contagion to universities, their faculty, the principles of the operation of a medical school the delivery of medical care and education of students and residents,. Finally, all this impacts on all aspects of research and its supports and rewards. The publishers of scientific journals become enveloped in this monster and respond likewise. Such as cutting support to reduce the cost of doing business and reducing resources for quality publications and even trying to increase their income by the discovery of pay to play publications. Major journals have a rejection rate of about 80% and the rejected papers can go to pay to play and ensure the creation of a gigantic Gi/Go world of leftover science to form the basis of our new world of education.


Samuel Gershon

October 20, 2016