Barry Blackwell:  Adumbration A History Lesson
Educational Series Number 59


Carlos R. Hojaij’s comment

                 Among the many perspectives and lessons we should take from his outstanding scientific personal history and statements, I say we are living an era when nearly everything is masqueraded and presented as something new and much better than the previous one, or simply put to death; it is an a historic era, past knowledge is not anymore the future’s prelude; tradition with everything it represents is considered a backwards way of seeing the world. The “tabula rasa” permits the moment to be written according to the circumstances created by whatever interests prevail in society; what was valid yesterday can be deleted and created again according to the next interest. We are living in a century of multitude truths for the same fact, an amoral century. In times of  “inclusion” - a politically correct cynical word to camouflage the mismanagement of the government, or to dismantle society’s stability - we, the majority, feel excluded, marginalised and under constant surveillance in a terrorising atmosphere of intimidation to “not to talk, not to say, not to denounce, not to contest" (nowadays, to contest is a right belonging only to the abnormal activists groups). I think we are the last of the Mohicans. Congratulations, Dr. Blackwell.


Carlos R. Hojaij

May 11, 2017