Response (Samuel Gershon)

Samuel Gershon’s response to Ervin Varga’s reply to his comment on Ildiko Miklya’s reply to Varga’s comment on her essay on the History of Selegiline

I am sure that your first hand observation of the clinical effects of Deprenyl are very important and possibly the field does not have the data currently to define the really objective efficacy of Deprenyl. The FDA requires at least 2 double-blind randomized clinical trial to establish efficacy and if you have a wealthy company to supporting the studies on a compound they could do 9 clinical trials and if only 2 show significant efficacy they win the game and have a marketable product. This game has been played with many claimed “antidepressants “ and that is why we are in a mess.

Samuel Gershon
February 19, 2015