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Bernard Lerer and Samuel Gershon photo vignette


        I had the very special pleasure of spending time with my postdoctoral fellowship mentor, Samuel Gershon and his wife, Lisl, in Aventura, Florida on December 10, 2021. Sam is 94, spritely and with strong opinions on psychopharmacology and the world. Lisl too is as active as ever. They were gracious hosts, as always, and we spent several hours talking. My fellowship with Sam was in Detroit at the Lafayette Clinic, Wayne State University, from 1982-1984. It was an enormously formative period for me and the start of a close relationship between my wife, Ziona, Sam, Lisl and me. In 2020 I wrote about my postdoc fellowship in a post on Ziona and I wish Sam and Lisl health and happiness in the years ahead and look forward to seeing them again soon.



Lerer B. Comments. Samuel Gershon: Events and Memories. July 9, 2020.


April 21, 2022