Thomas A. Ban’s reply to Ernst Franzek’s comment

Thank you for reminding us about Phuhlmann and his associates’ findings, published in 2004 in the Journal of Affective Disorders. I hope it will help to clarify the frequently held misconception that the cycloid psychoses are an integral part of an alleged “bipolar affective spectrum”. The concept of “spectrum disorder” is contrary to the thinking of the Wernicke-Kleist-Leonhard tradition. In his Classification of Endogenous Psychoses, Leonhard (1957, 1979) referred to “cycloid psychoses” as the “evil relatives” of “unsystematic schizophrenias”. 

Clinical experience indicates that the cycloid psychoses are pharmacologically different from both bipolar manic-depressive psychosis and the unsystematic schizophrenias. I am looking forward with interest whether the findings which indicate that the “cycloid psychoses” are “stress-induced psychoses”, could be replicated.



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Thomas A. Ban
March 24, 2016