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I am writing to introduce myself as the new coordinatofor BOOKS (Project 8). I am succeeding Samuel Gershon who launched this project in which we post reviews of classic and recent books relevant to neuropsychopharmacology. I will continue to work with Tom Ban, but contrary to my predecessor, who worked alone, my intention is to have a small team working with me I am pleased to inform you that Walter Brown has accepted my invitation to join our team and help us with editing and other matters.

We intend to shorten the time between receipt of communication and posting by a new arrangement that will allow us to post at least one communication weekly on the website; and, we intend to facilitate discussion on posted communications by inviting colleagues to comment on them. Furthermore, by reviewing the “books” listed in our project from time to time, we intend to also provide educational material that we hope will help place the information covered in these books in a historical perspective.

I am looking forward to working with you on this project and I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to comment on any of the books already posted on our website and to participate in ongoing interactions related to these books. I invite you to send me directly ( “reviews” of books you have written or edited for consideration for posting. Please ascertain that in your submission you follow our standard format (Contents and Author’s/Editor’s/Reviewer’s Comment).

Carlos Morra

September 18, 2014