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I am writing to introduce myself as the person responsible for one of the projects Previews of books relevant to the history of neuropsychopharmacology(Project 10).

I will be working on this project with Tom Ban, Barry Blackwell, Sam Gershon and Peter Martin in selecting chapters of books or entire books for preview on our website (“Previews”) for discussion. We will be selecting and posting for review also chapters of books or entire books in translation into English even if the book was already published in another language, as well as books that had been published before but no longer available for purchase.     

We hope that the quality of the books we will be posting for preview will justify their future publication.

We also hope you will be interested in participating in this project by providing us with your book or chapters from your book in preparation for preview and/or recommending us books or chapters from books for preview.

I am posting with this Introduction the “Preface” of Thomas Ban’s monograph in preparation, “Towards Personalized Treatment of Depression” that addresses issues related to “psychopathology” and the neuropsychopharmacology of depression. 

I am looking forward to working with you on this project.

Aitor Castillo

June 20, 1013