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Wednesday, 16.04.2014

Welcome to INHN

International Network for the History of Neuropsychopharmacology

The International Network for the History of Neuropsychopharmacology (INHN) was first proposed in early 2012. It evolved from discussions among several editors involved in previous efforts to document the history of the field. An important impetus derived from these efforts has been the recognition of the lack of predictive success in psychotropic drug development and the need for education in the history of neuropsychopharmacolog in order to facilitate communication between neuropsychopharmacolgists of different generations.

In the information overload created by the online accessibility of virtually all communication, primary source historical material is often indistinguishable from the inaccurate and trivial. The Network through its members is committed to documenting, preserving and disseminating authentic information related to the history of the field. It is committed also to analyze historical material in neuropsychopharmacology in order to generate new information relevant to contemporary research, education and clinical practice.  

We will be using our website for posting educational - historical information and for establishing a continuous interaction with our membership.

Currently, you will find on our website information “About Us,” our membership, and about first hand accounts (Publications) of the first 50 years in the history of our field:

As a member of our Network, you will be informed when any new information is posted on our website and we would like to encourage you to comment on and discuss this material. We are asking you also to provide us with historical material to be posted on our website and/or stored in our electronic archives`  

We are looking forward to working with you.

Please, address your e-mail to: inhn(at)inhn(dot)org 


Thomas A Ban     Samuel Gershon      Barry Blackwell       Gregers Wegener


April 9, 2013