September 4th, 2014


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PHOTOS:  1. Irwin J. Kopin, Rita Kopin, Peter Riederer and Merton Sandler. Photo taken at the Fifth International Amine Oxidase Workshop, held from August 22 to 25, 1992, in Galway, Ireland.  Photo received from Irwin J. Kopin.

2.  Huda Akil,  Floyd Bloom, Benjamin Bunney, William Bunney, Leonard Cook, Thomas Detre, Leo Hollister, Eva Killam, Keith Killam,  Donald Klein, Irwin Kopin, David Kupfer, Heinz Lehmann, Roger Meyer, Arthur Prange, Oakley Ray, Fridolin Sulser and. Eberhard Uhlenhuth (Presidents of ACNP). Photo taken in December 1997 at theAnnual Meeting of the College in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Photo received from Irwin J. Kopin.   

BOOKS: Donald Klein's Fourth Comment (Syndromes and neurotransmitters) on Martin M. Katz’s monograph Depression and Drugs.

BIOGRAPHIES: Hassan Azima by Hector Warnes (minibio).

ARCHIVES: Heinz E. Lehmann:  “Psychiatry and its identity crisis” (circa 1975) (Lehmann Collection); and Thomas A. Ban: Capsules: History of Psychopharmacology – Capsule 19. (The spectrophotofluorimeter and spectrophotofluorimetric findings with reserpine and iproniazid).  (Ban Collection).

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