September 11th, 2014


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PHOTOSParticipants of the Second Neuroscience Research Program (in alphabetical order) with map to photo: George Adelman, George Aghajanian, Spyridon G. A. Alivisatos, Julius Axelrod, Frederick Benington, David L. Beveridge, Philip B. Bradley, Mac V. Edds, Daniel H. Efron, Joel Elkes, Daniel X. Freedman, Jack P. Green, Arthur E. Heming, Richard Hirsch, Wardwell Holman, Yvonne Homsy, L. Everett Johnson, Seymour S. Kety, Irwin J. Kopin, Catherine LeBlanc, Arnold Leiman, Theodore Melnechuk, Richard D. Morin, Jacques Mouret, Helmut F. E. Neumann, Gardner C. Quarton, Francis O. Schmitt, Alexander T. Shulgin, John R. Smythies and Solomon H. Snyder. Participants of the Work Session of NIMH’s Neuroscience Research Program held in Boston Massachusetts, USA, from November 17 to 19, 1968. Photo received from Irwin J. Kopin.   

PROFILES: J. Christian Gillin by Bruno Nazar.

CONTROVERSIES: Barry Blackwell’s reply to Donald F. Klein’s comment on his comment on Thomas A. Ban’s essay on “Conflict of interest in neuropsychopharmaclogy”.

ARCHIVES: Heinz E. Lehmann: “Somatic treatment methods, complications – failures” (1976) (Lehmann Collection); and Thomas A. Ban: Capsules: History of Psychopharmacology – Capsule 20. (Sedative and incisive neuroleptics: therapeutic implications). (Ban Collection).


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