October 2nd, 2014


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DICTIONARY: Dahlem Conferences by Jules Angst.

PHOTOS:Participants of the Foreign Corresponding Organizations Luncheon (in alphabetical order): Carlos Altamura, Leonid Bardenstein, Franck Bayle, Helmut Bekmann, William E. Bunney Jr, Helena Calil, Arvid Carlsson, Eva Ceskova, Peter Gaszner, Gerardo Heinze, Jun Homguchi, Zoltan Janka, Chan Kim, Brian Leonard, Herbert Metzer, Jaime Monti, Sergey Mosolov, Driss Moussaoui, Humbero Nicolini, Trevor Norman, Ahmed Okasha, Eva Palova, Eugene Paykel, Roger Porsolt, William Potter, Kathy Ray, Oakley Ray, Bernd Saletu, Masashi Sasa, Sergey Boriskovich Serodonin, Jaime Smolovich, Torgny Svensson, Ronaldo Ucha, and Vivia Vavrusova. Photo taken at the XXIIIrd CINP Congress on June 27, 2002, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Photo received from Eugene S. Paykel.

BIOGRAPHIES: Paul Kielholz by Raymod Battegay (Mini Bio).

ARCHIVES: Heinz E. Lehmann: Chronological list of publications. (1939-1985). (Lehmann Collection); and Thomas A. Ban: Capsules: History of Psychopharmacology – Capsule 23 (Demonstration of the therapeutic efficacy of neuroleptics and the separation of the therapeutic effect of neuroleptics from the effects of non-specific factors.) (Ban Collection).



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