January 14, 2016



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PROGRAMS: 1. Jose de Leon: Training psychiatrists to think like pharmacologists. 7. Pharmacokinetics of oral 2nd generation antipsychotics (Courses). 2. Samuel Gershon’s comment on Jose de Leon’s Training psychiatrists to think like pharmacologists. 4. Pharmacodynamics of antidepressants  (Courses).   

DICTIONARY: Atypical exogenous psychoses by Thomas A. Ban

PHOTOS: 1. Jean-Paul Macher, Thomas A. Ban, Luis Galvan and Christopher V. Ban. Photo taken in 1987-1988, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Photo received from Aitor Castillo. 2. Hans Agren, Arvid Carlsson, Rex Cowdry, Alexandra Delini-Stula, Hinderk Emrich, Albert Herz, Wolfgang Kehr, Jerzey Maj, Donald Klein, Bill Potter, Torgny Svensson.  Photo taken in Berlin, Germany at the Dahlem Workshop on the Origins of Depression, in 1982. Photo received for posting separately from Bernard Carroll, Donald F. Klein and Eugene Paykel. This photo is from the Dahlem Workshop.

PROFILES: Nina Schooler: List of Publications.

CONTROVERSIES:  1. Martin M. Katz's reply to Leslie Morey's comment (Martn M. Katz: Onset of antidepressant effect). 2. Barry Blackwell’s response to Hector Warnes’ reply (Barry Blackwell: Lithium Controversy).


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