January 12, 2017


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CENTRAL OFFICE 1. Carlos Morra and Ernst Franzek: Psychopathological symptoms -  Hyperkinesia (Educational Program). 2. Carlos Morra and Ernst Franzek: Psychopathological symptoms - Immoblity (Educational Program).

PHOTOS: Nancy Andreasen,  Jose Luis  Ayuso-Gutierez, Carlos Ballus, Jorge Ciprian-Ollivier, Tim Crow, Delcir DeCosta, Lynn DeLise, Manuel Esteves, Lars Farde, Tetsuo Fukuda, Gisella Gross, Carlos R. Hojaij, Gerd Huber, Assen Jablensky, Veronica Larach, Yves Lecrubier, Robin Murray, John Waddington and Daniel Weinberger.  Photo taken in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1996 (100 Year Anniversary of the introduction of Kraepelin’s diagnostic concept of dementia praecox). Photo received from Carlos R. Hojaij (Individual photos). 

CONTROVERSIES: Hector Warnes’ response to Shridhar Sharma’s reply (Shridhar Sharma: Insulin coma treatment: Fact and controversies).

PERSPECTIVE: Thomas A. Ban’s response to to Victor Peralta’s reply (Thomas A. Ban: In historical perspective: Peralta, Cuesta and associates findings on higher familiality of Leonhard’s classification in polynosologic study).

ARCHIVES: 1 Appendix A. (Ira Glick, David Janowsky, Carl Salzman and Richard I, Shader, editors. Model Psychopharmacology Curriculum for Psychiatric Residents prepared by an ad hoc committee of the American College  of Neuropsychopharmacology in 1984) (Glick Collection). 2. Terence A. Ketter: Acute and maintenance treatment of bipolar depression (Basic Course) (American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology Model Psychopharmacology Curriculum. Fourth Edition. 2006) (Glick Collection). 3. Costas Stefanis: Curriculum Vitae (Stefanis Collection).





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