December 1, 2016


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CENTRAL OFFICE: 1. Carlos Morra and Ernst Franzek: Psychopathological symptoms - Automatic obedience (Educational Program.) 2. Carlos Morra and Ernst Franzek: Psychopathological Symptoms – Posturing. (Educational Program.) 3. Donald F. Klein’s response to Jose de Leon’s reply. (Jose de Leon: Training psychiatrists to think like pharmacologists: 27. Evidence-based vs. personalized medicine.) (Courses.)

PHOTOS: Herman van Praag, Max Fink, Jose Luis Ayuso Gutierez, Carlos R. Hojaij, Marie Odile Krebs and Hanfried Helmchen. Photo taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2012 at the 30th Anniversary celebration of the World Federation of Societies in Biological Psychiatry.  Photo received from Carlos R. Hojaij. (Photo collections.)

ARCHIVES: 1. Ira D. Glick: Introduction. (ACNP Model Psychopharmacology Curriculum for Teachers of Psychiatric Residents 1984.) (Glick Collection.) 2. Michael D. Jibson: Psychopharmacology in the emergency room. (Basic Courses.) (American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology Model Psychopharmacology Curriculum, Fourth Edition, 2006.) (Glick Collection.)

E-BOOKS: Peter R. Martin, editor: Recollections of the History of Neuropsychopharmacology through Interviews  Conducted by William E. Bunney, Jr.

COLLATED: Thomas A. Ban: Collated document – Thomas A. Ban and Marcelo Cetkovich-Bakmas: Carl Wernicke’s elementary symptoms and sejunction hypothesis/theory. (Contributions by Thomas A. Ban, Marcelo Cetkovich-Bakmas and Hector Warnes.)



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