August 7th, 2014


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DICTIONARY: Delay’s classification by Carlos R. Hojaij

PHOTOS:  The Neural Properties of Biogenic Amines (Work Session);  Georg Adelman, Floyd Bloom, Arvid Carlsson, Erminio Costa, Catherine Cusick, Peter Dews,  William W. Douglas, Jack Durell, Kjell  Fuxe,  Jacques Glowinski,  Wardwell Holman, Lowell Hokin, Mabel Hokin,  Leslie Iversen, L. Everett Johnson, Seymour S. Kety, George Koella, Irwin J. Kopin, Martin Larrabee,  Catherine M. LeBlanc, Hugh Mc Lennen, Harold McNeil, Theodore Melnechuk, Sanford Palay, Gardener C. Quarton, Anne H. Rosenfeld, Albert Rubin, Gian C. Salmoiraghi, Frederick E. Samson, Francis O. Schmitt, Harriet E. Schwenk, Victor E. Sheshova,  Theodore L. Sourkes,  and Virginia Tennyson. Photo received from Irwin J. Kopin. (Photo Collection: American Academy of Arts and Sciences) (1966) .     

ARCHIVES: Ervin Varga’s comment on Ildiko Miklya’s essay on The History of Selegiline (Miklya Collection)Heinz E. Lehmann:  The Impact of the Psychopharmacological Revolution on Psychiatry (1986) (Lehmann Collection); and Thomas A. Ban: Capsules: History of Psychopharmacology – Capsules 10. (Definition and scope of psychopharmacology), 11. (Pharmacological interventions and treatments introduced in psychiatry during the 1930s); 12. (Causal treatments in the 1930s and ‘40s and their effect on the diagnostic distribution of psychiatric population), and 13. (From the Nuremberg Code to the Helsinki Declaration) (Early 21st century)  (Ban Collection)


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