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Samuel Gershon: The Tacrine paradigm


Samuel Gershon: Some additional information


         I like my Tacrine Ploy example (Gershon 2020) and feel that it is very appropriate as there are two compounds currently before the FDA that are trying to follow the path that was tried with Tacrine. We showed very early on that Tacrine had “alerting” and analeptic properties in a number of antagonistic effects to morphine, sedation, overdose and serious poisoning. It had these effects on other sedative and anesthetics as well. Then one investigator in the US got an FDA approval for its usage in treating imipramine overdose or serious side effects. Then after this, another group in the US obtained FDA approval for marketing Tacrine for improvement of the current manifest symptoms of senile dementia. This approval did not survive for very long and the same group came back with a new proposal that Tacrine would slow the rate of dementia in cases of established senile dementia. This is a little harder to prove or disprove. Therefore, it lasted longer than the former claim. However, it seems that these old marketing plans may be tried again with some different compounds. So, an historical perspective may have some value in evaluating these claims when they appear before us again.



Gershon S. The Tacrine paradigm. March 5, 2020.


August 20, 2020