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Friday, 22.10.2021

Response (Johnson)

Johnson’s response to Samuel Gershon’s reply to his comment on Blackwell’s reply to Gershon’s comment

My reference to the conference convenors being pleased was not to infer politeness but satisfaction that Cade had frankly recounted his story of the discovery of the anti-manic effects of lithium, the details of which would have been unfamiliar to many in the audience, including myself. Cade did present some data on Strontium at the meeting. He reported a mild sedative effect following self-administration of 4 mg tid.  He then evaluated its effects in 30 patients with a variety of diagnoses over 10 months, with varying results, concluding that there was tenuous evidence to base a therapeutic claim. He noted anorexia, nausea and vomiting were common at the maximum dose of 4 mg tid.


Gordon Johnson

April 30, 2015