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Thursday, 21.10.2021

Barry Blackwell: Corporate corruption in the psychopharmaceutical industry

Barry Blackwell's reply to John Nardo’s comment


         Thank you, John, for your kind comments on the essay and for suggesting Jerome Kassirer’s book On the Take which I have ordered. Others have commented to me on how “under the radar” all this has been. I have been considering how to bring this again to the attention of Congress by encouraging members of INHN to contact their legislators once the new Congress is in session, but am somewhat discouraged by the electoral results, which do not bode well for reversing laws initiated mainly by Republicans. However, Chuck Grassley (Republican, Iowa) may well be sympathetic following  events in Iowa and the findings of his 2008 Congressional Investigation which outed several leading psychiatrists (Schatzberg, Nemeroff and Biedermier) for taking millions in consulting fees from industry, as well as the APA for netting 28% of its annual budget for advertising in journals and CME. I suspect that the ACNP and some of its members may be equally at fault.   


Barry Blackwell

April 13, 2017