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Otniel E. Dror - relevant publications for INHN

1.      Otniel E. Dror, “Creating the Emotional Body: Confusion, Possibilities, and Knowledge,” in Peter N. Stearns, Jan Lewis (eds.), An Emotional History of the United States (New York: New York University Press, 1998), 173-194.

2.      Otniel E. Dror, “The Affect of Experiment: The Turn to Emotions in Anglo-American Physiology, 1900-1940,” Isis 90 (June 1999): 205-237.

Reprinted in: Kultur im Experiment (Kadmos-Verlag Berlin).

3.      Otniel E. Dror, “The Scientific Image of Emotion: Experience and Technologies of Inscription,” Configurations 7 (September 1999): 355-401.

4.      Otniel E. Dror, “Counting the Affects: Discoursing in Numbers,” Social Research 68 (Summer 2001): 357-378.

5.      Otniel E. Dror, "Techniques of the Brain and the Paradox of Emotions, 1880-1930," Science in Context 14 (Winter 2001): 643-660.

6.      Otniel E. Dror, “Anatomy and Physiology: Twentieth Century,” in Brian S. Baigrie (ed.), History of Modern Science and Mathematics Volume I (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2002), pp. 213-227.

7.      Otniel E. Dror, "Deceiving Bodies: Metaphor, Knowledge, and Nerves," in Celine Kaiser, Marie-Luise Wunsche (eds.), Die "Nervositat der Juden" und andere Leiden an der Zivilisation  (Munchen & Wien: Ferdinand Schoningh, 2003), pp. 57-74.

8.      Otniel E. Dror, “‘Voodoo Death’: Fantasy, Excitement, and the Untenable Boundaries of Biomedical Science,” in Robert D. Johnston (ed.), The Politics of Healing: Essays in the Twentieth-century History of North American Alternative Medicine (New York and London: Routledge 2004), pp. 71-81, 328-331.

9.      Otniel E. Dror, “Is the Mind a Scientific Object of Study?: Lessons from History,” in Christina E. Erneling, David M. Johnson (eds.), The Mind as a Scientific Object: Between Brain and Culture (Oxford University Press 2004), pp. 101-117.

10.  Otniel E. Dror, “Dangerous Liaisons: Science, Amusement, and the Civilizing Process,” in Penelope Gouk, Helen Hills (eds.), Representing Emotions: New Connections in the Histories of Art, Music and Medicine (Ashgate 2005), pp. 223-234.

11.  Otniel E. Dror, “Fear and Loathing in the Laboratory and Clinic,” in Fay Bound Alberti (ed.), Medicine, Emotions and Disease, 1700-1950 (New York: Palgrave, 2006), pp. 125-143.

12.  Otniel E. Dror, “Die Emotion in der Maschine” in Ernst Müller, Falko Schmieder (Hg.), Begriffsgeschichte der Naturwissenschaften. Die historische Dimension naturwissenschaftlicher Konzepte (Verlag Walter deGruyter Berlin, New York, 2008), pp. 275-286.

13.  Otniel E. Dror, “A Reflection on Feelings and the History of Science,” Isis 100 (December 2009): 848-851.

14.  Otniel E. Dror, “Seeing the Blush: Feeling Emotions,” in Lorraine Daston, Elizabeth Lunbeck (eds.), Histories of Scientific Observation (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010), pp. 326-348.

15.  Otniel E. Dror, “Visceral Pleasures and Pains,” in Esther Cohen, Leona Toker, Manuela Consonni, Otniel E. Dror (eds.), Knowledge and Pain (New York and Amsterdam: Rodopi Press, 2012), 147-167.

16.  Otniel E. Dror, “From Primitive Fear to Civilized Stress: Sudden Unexpected Death,” forthcoming in David Cantor and Edmund Ramsden (eds.), Stress, Shock and Adaptation in the Twentieth Century (Rochester, NY: Rochester University Press), pp. 96-118.

17.  Otniel E. Dror, “What is an Excitement?” in Frank Biess and Daniel Gross (eds.), Science and Emotions after 1945: A Transatlantic Perspective (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2014), pp. 121-138.

18.  Otniel E. Dror, "The Cannon-Bard Thalamic Theory of Emotions: A Brief Genealogy and Reappraisal," Emotion Review 6 (January 2014): 13-20.

19.  Otniel E. Dror, “Cold War ‘super-pleasure’: Insatiability, Self Stimulation, and the Post-War Brain,” under review for Osiris, Vol. 31 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2016).

20.  Otniel E. Dror, Bettina Hitzer, Anja Laukötter, and Pilar Léon-Sanz, "History of Science and the Emotions: Perspectives and Challenges – An Introduction," under review for Osiris, Vol. 31 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2016).

21.  Otniel E. Dror, “Deconstructing the ‘Two Factors’: The Historical Origins of the Schachter-SingerTheory of Emotions,” forthcoming in Emotion Review.


Otniel Dror
August 6, 2015