søndag, 16-01-2022

Ken Gillman: Medical science publishing: A slow-motion train wreck

Samuel Gershon’s comment


          I have read Ken Gillman’s essay and the other contributions to the project so far.  Ken’s article is learned and comprehensive. We have experienced all these cost-saving plans publishers employed until acceptance reached zero. Then they proposed that if we rejected articles, we could refer them back to the publisher and they would offer the authors a pay-to-play plan, which we rejected. 

          However, all the points that have been made by all the authors in the comments on this post affect processes throughout the educational structure. The quality of the published expertise deteriorates and this is transferred down the educational ladder — right down to medical students and fellows. So, we have not seen the worst outcomes of these reductions in support from the publishers, yet.


January 9, 2020