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Saturday, 23.10.2021

Reply (Martin Katz)

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Sam Gershon is one of the pioneers of psychopharmacology. I am pleased that he is in agreement with my current perspective on the state of research in the field and that he praises the contents of the book.

He and I are disturbed as are many researchers in clinical psychopharmacology, with the failure during the past three decades, to develop new classes of antidepressants. Through the kind of analyses and recommendations outlined in my book and the contributions of others in the field, we hope to encourage young investigators to rethink the nature and definition of the multi-dimensional depressive condition, and to be more innovative in uncovering the specific actions of established and new treatments. 

A change in mind set on the disorders by psychiatry and the introduction of more efficient and less expensive methodology for clinical trials can stimulate the pharmaceutical companies to restart full operations in the development of new psychotropic agents.

Martin M. Katz
September 12, 20013