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Monday, 25.10.2021

Barry Blackwell: Heinz E. Lehmann 

Barry Blackwell’s reply to Mary and Philip Seeman’s comments

       Thank you for this tribute to Heinz Lehmann’s teaching, along with that wonderful vignette of the “silver cigarette case”. As you testify, Heinz was indeed an inspiring mentor and powerful role model. You perceptively note he was also far more than the stereotype of a “biological psychiatrist”. I have found this to be the case, almost without exception, in the many brief biographies I wrote for the Oral History of Neuropsychopharmacology and even more obviously so in the lengthy biographies posted on the INHN website. Your comments will become part of the Heinz Lehmann file as a valuable contribution to a full portrait of the man admired by so many of his colleagues and students.

Barry Blackwell

April 07, 2016