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Saturday, 31.10.2020

François Ferrero

Curriculum Vitae


Last name, first name      Ferrero, François

Date and place of birth    June 24, 1945, Geneva, Switzerland

Citizenship                      Swiss

Professional address        67 Chemin de la Montagne

                                         CH-1224 Chêne-Bougeries, Geneva

                                      Tel: +41 (0)22 349 01 19

                                      Fax: +41 (0)22 349 36 45


Current position

Honorary Professor, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist FMH, in private practice




1996-2010    Full Professor of Psychiatry, University of Geneva, CH

                    Director, Division of Adult Psychiatry, Geneva University Hospitals

2000-2007    Chairman, Department of Psychiatry, University of Geneva, CH

2000-2004    Director, Department of Psychiatry, Geneva University Hospitals, CH

1997-1999    Vice-Dean, University of Geneva, CH

1994-1996    Chairman, Department of Adult Psychiatry, University of Lausanne, CH

1991-1996    Full Professor of Psychiatry, University of Lausanne, CH

1986-1987    Visiting Scholar, Department of Psychiatry, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN, USA

1982-1991    Clinical Director, Department of Psychiatry II, Geneva, CH


                   Training in psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, Geneva and Paris




2005-2009    Director, WHO, Collaborating Centre for research and training in mental health

1993-           WHO Panel of experts

1990-1994    International Adviser DSM IV, American Psychiatric Association

1996-1999    Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences, Delegate for Psychiatry

1997-2002    Swiss National Science Foundation, Committee Member

2007-2011    Private Clinic La Métairie, Nyon, Switzerland, Scientific Director and Board Member

2005-            World Psychiatric Association, WPA, Member of the Finance Committee

1988-1992,   INSERM, France, Advisor

2007-            Founder and Past President, Swiss-Rwanda Association for Mental Health


 societies (among others)

Ÿ   1996-2010, Delegate, Swiss Society of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Ÿ   2005-2009, President, Swiss Society of Social Psychiatry

Ÿ  1991- EPA, Committee Member, Section of Epidemiology and Social Psychiatry

Ÿ  1987- American Psychiatric Association, International member

Ÿ  2005- World Psychiatric Association, Honorary member, 2008, Honorary Fellow



1996-present, Co-Coordinator, Training Programme in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University of Rwanda

1996-2005, Chair, Pregraduate and Postgraduate Programmes in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Geneva University

1998-2013, Director, Continuous Education Programmes, Geneva University: Family therapy, CBT, DBT, and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy




Clinical, Therapeutic, and Pharmacological Research:

Bipolar disorders, resistant depressions, general anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders, pathological gambling, personality disorders, schizophrenic disorders

Epidemiological studies:

Bipolar disorders: familial transmission and comorbidity

Research Grants

1982-2011, Funded by swiss national science foundation


More than 250 articles in scientific journals, book chapters and 5 books,

Among them:

-“Pharmacotherapy of Bipolar Disorders”, (with Jean-Michel Aubry and Nicolas Schaad), in french, 2004; in German, Huber, 2006, (in collaboration with Martin Hatzinger) ; in English, “Pharmacotherapy of Bipolar Disorders”, Wiley 2007, (in collaboration with Mark Bauer).

-“Traitements psychologiques des troubles bipolaires”, with Jean-Michel Aubry, Masson, Paris, 2009,

-“Psychopharmacologie des troubles bipolaires”, 2013, (with Jean-Michel Aubry and Nicolas Schaad).



University Psychiatric Hospitals, Basel, Switzerland, Administrative Council, Board member,2012-

University of Seniors, Uni3, Geneva, Board Member, 2011-

Foundation Aigues-Vertes Village, Geneva, Board Member 2004-2011

Foundation of the Geneva Prize for Human Rights in Psychiatry, President, 2008-

Foundation Prize Dr.Jean-Marc Fischer, President, 2010-

Foundation « Trajets », Geneva, Board Member, 2016-

Association Le Relais, (Patients and Families), Geneva, Honorary Member, 2010-



Geneva, April 1st, 2016


 François Ferrero

June 9, 206