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Saturday, 16.10.2021

Thomas A. Ban: Psychopathology – Unedited notes from the 1990s

Thomas A. Ban’s Correction


In my “Psychopathology – unedited notes from the 1990s” posted on July 14, 2016, in my Collection in Archives and distributed on September 5, 2016 in  Educational Series (Number 35), it is written: “The term ‘psychopathology’ was first used in psychiatry in 1878 as a synonym for ‘psychiatry’ by H. Emminghaus……”. This information is wrong. The term, “psychopathology” first appeared in the psychiatric literature in 1845, in Ernst Feuchtersleben’s Textbook of Medical Psychology, the same book in which the term “psychosis” was adopted.


Thomas A. Ban

October 13, 2016