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Thursday, 21.06.2018

Ciba Foundation Symposium 39

Monoamine Oxidase and Its Inhibition, London, England, October 1975


From left to right: 1. Julie Knight; 2. UlrichTrendelenburg; 3. Joseph Knoll; 4.Thomas Singer;5.  Merton Sandler; 6. Dennis Sharman; 7. Alfred Pletscher; 8. C. Michael Pare; 9. Herman van Praag; 10. Dennis Murphy;  11. Seymour Kety; 12, Leslie Iversen; 13. Norton Neff; 14.MoussaYoudim; 15. Ole Rafaelsen; 16. Alec Coppen; 17. Unidentified; 18. Unidentified;  19. Keith Tipton; 20. Herman Blaschko; 21. Lars Oreland; 22. Laurent Maitre; 23. Thodore Sourkes; 24,Richard Green and 25. Unidentified.

Photo taken in London, England, in October 1975. Photo received from Joseph Knoll


Joseph Knoll

October 30, 2014